Spring plantings underway for the week of May 5th!

IN TACF will hit the road Tuesday, May 6th to get the Harrison Crawford (HCSF) and Jackson Washington (JWSF) Indiana State Forest chestnut progeny plantings installed.  A progeny planting is a test planting to see how well the Restoration trees survive in the wild.

We marked out and prepped each site last week.  We will load up the trees this afternoon and will have 4 trucks each with a trailer depart tomorrow morning.  We will plant HCSF first, arriving around 11:00 am and begin planting by noon.  We will begin fencing as well and will map it and spray with a preemergent before we complete the fence and then spend the night in Corydon.

On Wednesday, we will get to the JWSF by 8:00 am and do the same.  Hopefully, we will have that one planted, fenced, mapped, and sprayed and be ready to head home by 5:00 pm.

Interest parties should contact Ben Finegan for directions or more information.

Chestnuts come to Indiana State Forests

F2 orchardThe Indiana Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation will be planting Restoration 1.0 progeny tests in two of Indiana’s state forests.

What are Restoration 1.0 progeny tests, you ask?  “Restoration 1.0″ refers to the product of the past 30 years of backcross breeding.  A progeny test is an experiment which evaluates how well these trees perform in the wild on Indiana soils when exposed to competition from other plants, insect pests, diseases, etc.  We do some work to protect the planting from deer and try to give the trees a head start with some fertilizer and herbicide.

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